Spring Cleaning…

It’s spring cleaning time at my house. This is the first year I’ve had much space to worry about. The last several years, I’ve been in a tiny apartment. I could do a super cleaning job on the entire place in one afternoon.  That’s not the case this year – and I”m not complaining!!!

This is also the first year I’ve had a baby in the house.  Blocking out an entire day (or 2) for cleaning is just simply not going to happen.  Again, not complaining!  I love spending my days with Xander. It just requires a change in how I approach big projects.

So, here’s my plan: I’m going to tackle one room at a time. Every time Xander falls asleep, I’ll get to cleaning in that room. When it’s finally done, I’ll move on to the next.

I realize that I will never have the satisfaction of an entirely clean house because, by the time I get the last room cleaned, the first few rooms will be trashed again.

But there are more important things than a clean house … right?  🙂

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