The uncut version…

TRUTH: We’re in financial trouble. Significant financial trouble.

Things have happened so quickly that it’s been hard to keep people up to date.  But we’re in serious need of prayer so I’m going to try to recap the whole story.

About a month ago, my husband resigned from his ministry position. There were several reasons but it really boiled down to feeling that God had called him away.

He found another job almost immediately. It had a decent salary and great benefits. Even though it wasn’t a ministry position, he would be working with teens.  We were thrilled!  He accepted the position and started training.

After struggling with the thought of going back to work at the end of my maternity leave, I decided to resign from my ministry position. With the income from Tim’s new job, we knew we’d be fine.

During his training, Tim discovered that part of his job would include things that could compromise his reputation/integrity. The organization that hired him lacked some of the policies necessary to protect their staff. For example, there would be times that he would be left alone with female residents.  We quickly made the decision that the job was not worth the risk so he stepped down.

I considered hanging on to my job – as my resignation had not taken effect yet. But the truth is, working as a missionary, I wasn’t bringing in enough money to make much of a difference. Once you factor in the cost of someone to stay with Xander, my job would actually cost us money. I did the work for so long because of how much I loved it, not for the financial gain.

There are no youth ministry positions open in our area at this time. And with college students returning home for the summer, retail jobs have been equally hard to come by.  Neither of us have been able to find anything, and rent (along with all our other monthly bills) is due.

If we haven’t come up with the money we need within the next week or so, we are looking at putting all our stuff in storage and heading to the Albany area to stay with my in-laws. I’d love to say that I’m joyful and ready for whatever God has for us next but the truth is, my heart is breaking. This is not what either of us wants for our family.

We’ve cried out to God and tried to look at every possible solution but nothing has become clear. I don’t doubt God’s faithfulness but I’ll admit, I’m unable to see his plan for us right now.

Could you pray for my family?

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  1. Oh Sara! Im so sorry to hear its like this. I can imagine the stress and overwhelming feelings you are going through (from when i was unemployed). I will most certainly keep my eyes and ear open for anything and ofcourse will be praying. Let me know if there is anything i can do…

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