a lasting impression

Each summer I join together with several other youthworkers in the area for a local work camp. Students spend the week repairing homes for families in our county.  Instead of traveling to other parts of the country or world to lend a hand, they do it in their own communities.  I’ve worked with awesome crews of students every year. This year was no exception. We worked on 3 different sites during the week. Our last day with joined with Tim’s crew to help with the house they were repairing.

Last week, during Christmas break, I got a text from one of the students from the crew. She wanted to know if I had the homeowner’s phone number. She and several other students had decided to go and visit the house again. So the Monday after Christmas, they went to see the homeowner.  They shared a meal and visited with her. I followed up yesterday to see how it went and they said she seemed really happy to see them.

This act of love was in no way prompted by any of us on the leadership team. This was something the students were inspired to do all on their own. Months after meeting her, they remembered the homeowner at Christmas.  In the few short days they spent with her, she made a great impact on them.

I think we all approach service with hopes of making a difference in the hurting world around us. The truth is, if we’re doing it right, it will make a difference in us as well.


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