A new season

Sorry for the blog silence. SO MUCH has happened in the last month. I’ll try to sum it up.

I’ll share the best news first … on November 14, surrounded by our immediate families, our closest friends, and a couple of turtles, Tim and I made our life long commitment to each other.  The Lord blessed with an absolutely gorgeous day!

We were successful in keeping things small, simple and focused on God. I walked in to the Mario Kart Love Song and less than 7 minutes later, we were husband and wife.

We are so blessed!

You can see the rest of the pictures HERE.

We had a wonderful honeymoon in Lake Placid, took a few extra days off to get settled in at home and had a quiet Thanksgiving together. Married life is good!

Now for the rest of it.

When the church’s 2010 budget was released earlier this year, my position was not in it. The church is in the midst of a very difficult time financially (as so many are) and there was just no way for them to keep me on staff. Since August there have been many discussions and attempts to find a way for me to stay but it just wasn’t in God’s plan.  My position officially ends on December 31.

I have spent these months seeking God’s will for my life.  It has been a time of grieving over leaving the church I love, worrying about our finances for the new year, trying to answer the questions of my students when they ask me what’s going to happen after I leave … it has been a chaotic and unsettling season.

But a week ago today, God started to reveal His plan.

In January, I will be transitioning into para-church ministry right here, in the community I love and have served these past 5+ years. I will be able to stay connected to my students and will have the opportunity to connect with many more as I shift from church based ministry to community based ministry.  I have my sights set on an empty building right in town that would make a great youth center. I will continue the Tuesday night Rec program and Haven (the middle school after school program).   I have worked closely with the pastors who serve on the Fellowship of Churches and their support has been invaluable!  I will continue to work with them to support youth ministry across the community and transition ‘outreach’ students into healthy, active youth groups.

God is good to me.  I’m excited about this next chapter. I can’t wait to see what He has planned!

I would ask for your prayers as Tim and I make this transition.  As is common in para church ministry, I will be raising my own support.  While this is a nerve wracking step to take, I’m confident it’s the one I’m called to and that the Lord will provide.  Also, we will both be working from home – which will be interesting – because home is a small one bedroom apartment. We’re going to need some intense creativity when I start moving all my stuff home from my office.

But hey, we’re newlyweds.  We don’t mind being close together.

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  1. Sara,
    While I am quite sure this has been a tremendously trying time for both you and Tim it is also amazing to see how His hand is upon the two of you. I’ll be praying for you guys as you transition into what sounds like will be a fantastic opportunity for you and the community that you are a part of. I love the fact that you are Kingdom minded in your approach to reaching young people. Great things are going to happen in that area in you and through you!

  2. So excited to read this! Will continue to pray for you guys as you move into this new endeavor. God bless! 😀

  3. This is so exciting. I know I’m a few thousand miles away, but just know I wanna give you guys a major high five!

  4. Thank you for all the support and encouragement!!! 🙂

  5. It’s always an adventure isn’t it? Keep on doing what you feel called to do. It’s a beautiful thing to follow after the Lord and the path that He takes you on. Enjoy the ride (and a delayed congrats too!)

  6. Glad to hear God is keeping you in the community you love. Congrats Sara. I hope your ministry continues to flourish there.

    –Terrace Crawford

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