I just wanted to take a moment to reflect on this awesome time in my life.  It’s been almost 2 months since Tim proposed to me. We are really enjoying being engaged. I’m realizing more and more that we’re one of those irritating couples that can’t stop staring at each other and smile all the time.  It’s disgusting.

We’ve spent these last two months planning our wedding and dreaming about our life together.

Next week we get to start celebrating with our families and friends. It starts with a trip to Albany for a bridal shower hosted by Tim’s mom and a party with a bunch of his friends. The following weekend is a girls night with a bunch of friends including one who’s also getting married this fall.  Then comes the shower hosted by my mom. Before we know it, it will be November and we’ll be standing in front of God and our families, promising to be faithful to each other forever.

Anyone who’s frustrated by being single will want to punch me square in the mouth for saying this (I know because I was one of you a year ago) … but this man, the one God designed to be my mate … was absolutely, positively worth the wait.

And I can’t wait to be his bride.


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  1. Now that I have thrown up, in my mouth and swallowed it, Congrats. It brings back the memories of my engagement with @tallmagewife and our wedding. 5yrs later this coming March and two kids, I am still amazed that she said yes. Enjoy this time create memories, and pass them along, 5yrs comes before you know it. Congrats again

  2. awww! I think this is my favorite blog post of yours! I loved seeing the way you guys act towards each other when you were over yesterday. 🙂 🙂 You are too cute!

  3. So excited for you guys!

    It been 12 years now for Deanna and myself. I, too, think fondly of our engagement time. So much has transpired since then. The journey of love is such a fabulous one. Keep journaling and take lots and lots of pics!

  4. Hey! That’s me! :o)


  5. Well, I only want to punch you a little 🙂
    I do love to hear about the other side of things because it’s encouraging and keeps me waiting faithfully. Thanks!

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