Mid-summer checkup

Believe it or not, the summer is half done! Before we know it the new school year will be here.

I had some goals this summer and I thought this would be a good time to check in on how I’m doing.

1. Spend more time with students. I’m knocking this one out of the park this summer. I meet with a group of students for bible study and hang out time at McDonalds every Monday (McMondays) and I have breakfast/hang out with the high school girls group once a week. I’m also finding other random excuses to hang with students instead of sitting at my desk. It’ll be a bummer when they have to go back to school and I’m back to spending more time in the office.

2. Spend less time at my computer. I’m doing pretty well with this one too. Thus the low blog activity.

3. Take more time for myself. Not doing so hot on this one. I have a stack of books I was planning on reading, but haven’t. Wanted to get more sleep … haven’t. And I’m backsliding on my day off discipline.  I realized this weekend that I haven’t taken a full day off since my vacation at the beginning of the month. Not good!

So all in all I’m doing pretty well.  Just need to work harder at taking time for myself.

Did you have goals for the summer? How is it going so far?


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  1. I think these are always my 3 … even during the school year.

    –Terrace Crawford

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