Sorry for the blog silence last week!!  I took the week off from work and spent very little time in front of my computer. In fact, it was the first time since I went into ministry that I managed to relax and not think about work. It popped into my mind a few times but I took Patti’s advice and jotted thoughts down in a notebook and then put them out of my mind until today.   As an admitted work-a-holic, this is a huge victory for me!

I spent time with my family, got to see friends who were in town for the 4th, slept in every day, drank a lot of coffee and took a daytrip to Ithaca to show Tim around my old hangouts. Speaking of Tim, he proposed Wednesday night!!!!!!  (I said yes).    My best friend from high school got engaged last week as well so we had LOTS to celebrate while she was in town.

Today I’m back in the office. I’m going to catch up with some students this afternoon. I do always miss them when I go off the grid for more than a day or two. It’ll be nice to see them and hear how the summer is going.

Hope everyone had a great 4th of July weekend!

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