Answered Prayer

About a month ago we started up a bible study specifically for our REC students. The students who participate are new christians or pre-christians. It’s been going really well!

Two weeks ago I asked if there was anything we could be praying about. One of the girls shared that she would like us to pray for furniture. She and her sister share a bedroom with no furniture. The specific prayer was for dressers so that they could get their clothes off the floor (where the cats were sleeping on them, etc).

The next day I sent an email out to several people from the church sharing the need and within 2 hours my dear friend Becky responded that they had 2 dressers in their basement that were not in use. So Tuesday night when “Brittani” got to the church for Rec I pulled her aside and showed her the dressers that had been cleaned up and dropped off at the church. She teared up and it took some convincing for her to believe that they were really for her and her sister. Two guys from the church loaded them into a truck and took them to the girls’ apartment later that evening and unloaded them. Her mother was equally blown away.

As I was writing a thank you note to Becky this morning it dawned on me, she didn’t just show this family kindness and christian love … she gave Brittani her first experience with answered prayer. It gives me goosebumps to think that God allows me to witness this stuff.

No better job on earth. Testify!


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  1. Wow…great story! I really enjoyed this post. I love hearing about things like this that God orchestrates to show love to His children! Thanks for sharing!

    – paulg

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