Crazy Game Night / Leader Appreciation


We had a great night last night!!!   It was Crazy Game Night. Games to include Water Balloon Dodgeball, Blindfolded Musical Chairs, Blind Volleyball, Dizzy Obstacle Course and Splash Ball. There were 400 water balloons lined up in bins by the back door just waiting for the insanity to begin.

We had a surprise in store for the leaders.

the words
we SAY

When everyone arrived, one of the middle schoolers announced that the leaders were getting the night off. They were told that a chicken bbq in their honor was ready and waiting for them at a church member’s house (I call her the hospitality ninja because she’s so awesome and stealthy). There were 6 other church members ready and waiting to run Crazy Game Night in our absence. The leaders were definitely surprised.

So we loaded into a couple of cars and took off for the chicken bbq and the kids stayed behind with the subs for Crazy Game Night. We had a lovely evening of hanging out together and all reports are that the kids had a BLAST without us!

So many people helped put this secret mission together. It was another example of how much the entire church owns the vision of youth ministry. I know I brag on my church family a lot – but it’s hard not to. I’m super, duper blessed!

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  1. GREAT idea! how cool!

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