Help a sister out…

I got this message from a friend and fellow youthworker this morning. Can you speak from experience and/or offer advice?

Got a question for you – some of my kids want to start student-led study groups. I’m mostly all for this but have a couple concerns. Have you ever done this?  Know anyone who has?


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  1. I actually tried this when I was in high school. It didn’t go super-well, but we learned a lot about leading things like that. I would suggest that a youth leader work very closely with the students who want to teach this and help them come up with a teaching topic and a good curriculum or study. In my experience, teenagers trying to teach from scratch get burned out really quickly.

    If you do decide to go this route, I would see this as creating two new small groups: 1.) The student-led group(s) and 2.) A youth leader with the study leaders. It will be imperative that the teens get some consistent guidance as this moves forward for it to succeed long term.

    Even if it “fails,” I think it is worth giving it a shot because of the lessons the teens will learn about leadership and discipleship.

  2. I’d be interested in hearing your concerns.

    Matt is right, students trying to do this from scratch will get burned out quickly. & It will be huge to work closely with the students who are organizing this. Not really for the sake for feeding them information but for helping them work through leadership of the group, letting them bounce questions, and encouraging them.

    I would suggest giving them constant permission to wrestle with questions and to not feel like they always have to have an answer to questions.

    Another key is for them to go into the thing with the mindset of passing the leadership on to the next group of students because they will be graduating someday. This is the thing that has been missed in most student led groups that I’ve seen.

  3. Thanks guys!! She found both your comments really helpful 🙂

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