Chronicles of an awesome day…

Yesterday was one of those days when the words ‘I love my life’ went through my mind countless times.  There wasn’t one particular thing that made the day stellar. If was just an all around great day. Here’s some random snippets…

The day started with office hours. I was able to start catching up on some of my work in the office thanks to my church family.  When the congregation heard about my computer need, people started stopping by the office with financial contributions specifically for that purpose.  In a matter of a week, enough money had been contributed to the cause that I was able to get a new Dell Inspiron.   My church isn’t able to pay me a huge salary but they always make sure I’m provided for.  Being able to start checking things off my huge task list yesterday morning felt so good.

There was a new volunteer at the after school program.  He not only survived the craziness, he enjoyed it. He is going to be a consistent volunteer with the program. He was a natural at establishing authority without breaking the kids down. That’s always a tough balance to find … especially with the tough group we have.  The students took to him right away. I have been praying and praying and praying for a few solid volunteers for that program. Lou is answered prayer.  The weather was beautiful so we were able to take everyone outside to run around. We all had a blast. During homework time there was actual studying. Rare — and awesome 🙂

From there I went straight to a pre-meeting dinner at Red Robin with the planning team of Youth Extreme. It’s always fun to just hang out with other youth workers. We had a great time

AND we had time to run to Starbucks before our meeting.

The captains meeting for the event went well. It’s nice to see people who work on the event every year and exciting to meet new people who are doing the event for the first time.  It was cool to talk about the purpose and vision of the event. It gets me so PUMPED!!

Late last night I confirmed a trip to Elizabeth, NJ in June for the Equip Conference. It’ll be awesome to see everyone!

And to top the day off, I happily clicked off my alarm clock before going to bed. I slept until 9:45 this morning. So the greatness of yesterday continues into today.

I love my life.

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  1. We’re excited that you’re coming too!

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