Video Curriculum for Middle School Guys

Alright, I need your help.

For the past few months we’ve been using YouthBytes with our Middle School Guys. I’ve been downloading the clips (for $8.00 each) and printing the talk sheets. It’s the first thing we’ve found that seems to be engaging the guys. The leaders are loving it because it’s well put together and easy to use. The students love it because the videos are aimed right for them. The first one we showed had a giant snake eating a rabbit for goodness sake.

So here’s my problem … I really need to cut what we’re spending on curriculum. As of right now, YouthBytes (the way we’re using it) is a lot more expensive than the stuff the other groups are using.

Does anyone know of anything out there that is like youthbytes but maybe a little cheaper?  I’m NOT saying that I think the stuff from YouthBytes is overpriced.  I think it’s absolutely worth what it costs!  We’re just trying, like everyone, to scale back our spending.


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  1. It’s not video but you might want to check out Dangerous Devotions For Guys –

    Although, I’m not sure it would be any cheaper in the end. You can down load the book for $9.99. It has 30 plans, but the costs for supplies might add up.

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