We’ve all got it right?  Heavy bags full of all the things the world has done to us?  We get to a point of brokenness, pray for Jesus to take it and then ‘lay it down’ … only to pick it right back up again.

We know that it weighs us down
holds us back
gets in the way
hurts the people around us
effects everything we do
… but yet we can’t seem to put it down and walk away.

Is it because we’re so used to it that it’s become our comfort zone?

Is it because we don’t trust God enough to take care of it?

Is it because we’re sure that if we let our guard down we’ll end up with brand new hurts to carry around?

Is this the true reason I am obsessed with bags and can’t stop buying them?  Because I subconsciously know that I need more room for all the stuff I carry around?

Ok, that last one was a joke … kind of.


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