Moral Compass

compass-picYesterday one of my middle schoolers came into the after school program and said “Hey, someone told me a joke at school and I think it’s really inappropriate but I want to tell it to you and then you can tell me for sure” … he told me the joke quietly and it was horribly racially inappropriate. He said “that’s inappropriate, right?”  I asked him if he understood the joke and he explained it to me and why he thought it was inappropriate.

I told him that I agreed that it was very inappropriate and insensitive. He said “That’s what I thought!” and then he returned to the game of zombie tag. (do you know the game? When you’re tagged you become a zombie and you start yelling ‘brains! brains!’ while you try to tag others. — good times)

Anyway, in that moment I was reminded that many of my students use me as their moral compass. Especially the ones who don’t have that guidance at home. That’s a HUGE responsibility!

Are you a youthworker, pastor, teacher, parent, church member, member of society?  Better watch your words, thoughts and deeds. Young eyes are watching.

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