Let us pray together…

Almighty God, our heavenly Father,
in whom there is no evil and who tempts no one to sin,
it was your love that sent Jesus into this broken world,
shot through with rebellion and chaos
and the darkness of evil.

We know in our hearts that things are not as they ought to be
and we dream of a world where there is peace and plenty:
a world free of natural disasters,
a world without poverty and disease and hatred and war,
a world without violence and crime and death,
a world made whole and safe by divine and human love.

We thank you for such holy and persistent dreams
and for glimmers they give us of your coming kingdom
when all shall be renewed
and made whole by resurrection power.

Forgive our sins of commission,
where we have, by our own free and deliberate decisions,
added to the weight of sin and misery
upon this groaning planet.

Forgive us also the sins of omission,
where we have not done the good we ought to have done
and turned away from the needs of others
and the call of justice.

In the face of forces we can neither predict nor control,
help us to trust in your unfailing care and wisdom.

Give us courage in Christ to name and resist all that is evil.
Only your Holy Spirit can keep us grounded in this great faith.


from "Mary: Lessons in Discipleship from Jesus' Earthy Family" 
by Phillip C. Thrailkill

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  1. I so needed this right now…

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