My Underwear Message…

I ended up having several bills due all at the same time this month and my paycheck didn’t go as far as I needed it to so by the beginning of this week I was totally out of cash.  Among other things, it prevented me from taking my weekly trip to the laundromat.

I began running out of clean clothes and had to resort to wearing some of my less comfy underwear (I know, that’s more information than you really want but it’s important for the story so let’s just go with it).  God tends to speak to me through ridiculous, bizarre things and this ‘inspiration’ is a perfect example…

Tuesday night I started by asking my students if they have a favorite pair of undwear. Ones that are super comfy and fit perfectly! We talked about how good that feels and how icky it feels when we are in undies that don’t fit right and aren’t comfy.

Then I read Psalm 119:165… Those who love your teachings will find true peace, and nothing will defeat them.

I talked about the peace that comes from God when you’re living for Him. That it’s like our underwear. No matter what we ‘wear’ on the outside, if our heart isn’t right with God, we won’t have that feeling of peace.  And even though it’s not always something people see, it makes ALL the difference.

Hopefully some of this ridiculous stuff we do and talk about over there is sinking in. Only God knows for sure 🙂

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