I hate being sick. For the past two days I’ve been battling a respiratory infection that has me feeling very tired and sore. This morning, all I wanted was a hot shower. I knew it would break up the congestion in my chest and take the chill off.

As I was preparing to take my shower, an account of the cholera outbreak in Zimbabwe was shown on the news.

Here are a couple of quotes from msnbc: “Controlling the epidemic depends on providing clean water, which means also repairing bust water and sewage pipes as well as dilapidated pumping and purification equipment.”

“In the township of Mabvuku, where residents have dug shallow wells in open ground, people say they know unboiled water can make them ill, but that they have no choice. There is no electricity, and wood, charcoal or other fuel to build fires is scarce and so expensive it is out of reach for most people.”

As I was standing in the bathroom waiting for the water to heat up, I started to think about all the water I use to get well when I’m sick.

hot showers
disinfecting my apartment, dishes, laundry
my vaporizer
drinking water
water for tea

I already have a heart for the clean water missions that are taking place throughout the world but in that moment, I was brought to tears. My heart is broken by my lack of action on this SOLVABLE PROBLEM.

How dare I feel sorry for myself when I’m sick.  I have all the necessary tools to protect myself from disease and get well when illness strikes. I’m ashamed of how little I’ve done for those who do without.

I’ve already committed to participating in the Advent Conspiracy but it can’t end there. I will cut back on my expenses throughout the year and increase my giving to organizations like Living Water International and Ryan’s Wells.  Less Starbucks, less DVD rentals.

This year, I will be part of the solution. In Jesus’ name.


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  1. Sara, thanks for being so sensitive to God’s voice and to take time in the midst of your sickness to mourn for the suffering of others. To intercede on behalf of another while in the middle of your own pain is to begin to “share in the sufferings of Christ.” And thanks for sharing so beautifully your experiences.

  2. This is exactly what we want to help remedy with Maji. Do you have a link to the article?

  3. What Brad said… 🙂 Seriously, you found a clearer spot in the dark glass we see through right there.

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