A happy place to call home.

I’m so proud of my community and the surrounding communities. I’ve read and seen such horror stories regarding black friday and the holiday shopping insanity. It’s so terribly sad that we’ve come to this place.

But I had a much different experience than the experiences in those stories.

Friday I decided to venture out and see if it was worth trying to get any shopping done. If it was too nuts – if people were stressed and irate, I would head right back home. But I encountered friendly people, courteous sales people, responsible drivers and just a general cheerfulness. Same thing today!  Lots of people out shopping but no one who was in too much of a hurry. No one who seemed frustrated or irate. People holding the door for each other, letting people ahead of them in line… lots of smiles and happy salutations. We seem to have the right idea around here and for that I am truly grateful.

And as long as we’re on the subject of Christmas shopping…

I’m buying fewer [and smaller] presents this year. Saddened by the spirit of consumerism we’ve started worshiping and inspired by the people behind the Advent Conspiracy, I will be making more contributions to organizations involved in righting the wrongs of this broken world instead of buying big expensive gifts.

Join the conspiracy…

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