Today has been great! Met lots of online friends in the flesh. It’s always an adventure to see if people are really like you imagine them when you interact online.

The 1st general session was amazing. I’m psyched that Starfield is leading worship a couple more times this weekend. The worship was really moving. Caught me a little off guard with it’s depth. The speaker – Mike Pilavachi was fantastic too. Really spoke to our weary hearts.

I went to part of the seminar “Feeding Frenzy” but I ducked out half way through. Hey, I’m allowed. No expectations. That’s one of the great things about NYWC.

I heard some great information today in regards to my ministry but I was hit with a realization during worship that has to do with my own condition … as I teared up during Starfield’s first song, it became clear: I am carrying way too much right now.

I don’t think you really know how much you are carrying until you try to put it down.

Praying that I can put it down – all of it – and leave it behind as I move forward. Praying that I can come out of these days away with a peaceful heart.

Increased knowledge of youth ministry stuff is a guarantee and I will benefit from it.

But what I really need is a quieting of my soul.

Lord, hear my prayer and answer my cry.


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  1. Actually, after you left we all talked about you.


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