There’s no crying in car repair

Today was an adventure. All days are. But today was one that I didn’t see coming. I should have. It seems like everyone else could have predicted what happened today. But I was shocked. Which, sadly, is not uncommon for me.

I decided to invest in a backpack with a laptop section in it for my trip to Pittsburgh next week. I’ve been wanting one for a while. Decided this was a good time to get one. My destination … Target. About a half hour from home.

Around the 15 minute mark I heard a strange noise (over my loud radio). I switched the radio off and realized instantly that what I was hearing was my muffler… dragging on the ground.  At this point I was on the highway, going about 65. I immediately slowed down and pulled as far onto the shoulder as possible.

A stereotypical ‘girl’ might have called someone.  Never crossed my mind. Not because I’m better than other girls. But because I’m an idiot – who never asks for help.

If ONLY I had a metal hanger in my trunk. I did not.

Another crazy thing about my past that came in handy today: I have a lot of experience in community theater. When you work in small town community theater you learn how to make anything out of anything.

I had several citronella candles in my trunk…

I took the handles off all the candles and made a daisy chain (manly, I know).

Next obstacle: My car is so rusty that I couldn’t find anything to wire the muffler TO.

Now, another important ‘stage setting’ fact about this adventure is that I was somewhat dressed up. I had just come from the office. So I’m on the side of the highway with my flashers on, half underneath my car.

No one stops to help. They must have known just by looking at me that I had everything under control (or something).

Eventually I found a solid spot to wrap the candle handle daisy chain around.  Not the ideal repair job but enough to get me to the next exit and a service station where they proceeded to show me how rotted the exhaust was and pull the muffler off. Cost me $25.00 in labor.

I could have pulled the muffler off myself – FOR FREE!

… and I wouldn’t have stains on my new dress pants.

But hey, if life was always predictable and never challenging I would be REALLY bored.

So I’ll take it.

And thank God that I am physically able to climb under my car on the side of the road

… and that it wasn’t snowing.

(and I may try to get a patent on the ‘candle handle daisy chain’)


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  1. We don’t fight the snow in Texas that often, but we do fight the “flashers.” Lady working on a flat tire, reaches into the trunk to get the spare. Next thing you know, a big truck goes by and the dress blows up around her shoulders. Everyone driving by sees her “flashers.”

    I must say that I am proud of the improv – that makes you a redneck. Welcome to the family!

  2. Well let me take a minute to add that to the list…

    thank God I was wearing PANTS 🙂

  3. Next time Sara, call me and I’ll take your muffler off for $24.

  4. YAY they you are so creative to think of making that daisy chain of handles! that is soo MacGyver 🙂

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