So today was the big day off. I’ll wait a couple more hours to call it but it’s looking like another sticker is going on the chart. Yay!

Here’s a rundown of my day and some random thoughts

I slept until 9:05am. Awesome.
I drank several cups of Sumatran Reserve (my favorite)
Threw on my sweats

[RANDOM THOUGHT: I can’t stand winter. There are a few things I do enjoy about the cooler weather. One of them is my blue sweatpants. I’ve had them since about 2002. They’re men’s xl drawstring pants. They’re so baggy and long that I wear them tucked under my feet. I’ve been doing this for so long that I’ve worn a hole in both legs with my heels…

I got out my “winter clothes” box today and there they were. Hello old friend. I’ve missed you]

Went to the laundromat
[RANDOM THOUGHT: I did a budget for myself during the summer. It had a certain amount figured in for laundry. I was reminded today that winter laundry is more expensive than summer laundry. There’s just more to wash and dry. Budget review is in order]

Baked 3 dozen caramel, chocolate chip cookies.
Delivered one to the staff in the dentist office downstairs. One to my new-ish neighbor across the hall and the rest to my brother.

Worked on my essay for my class
[RANDOM THOUGHT: The class is called Basic Foundations and Principles. The fact that it’s called “basic” combined with how hard it’s kicking my butt is starting to make me feel like an idiot]

Chilled with my bro and drank more coffee.

Took a shower
[RANDOM THOUGHT: Cracked open the shower gel I got on sale yesterday… it pretty much rocks]

Plans for the rest of the night…

I ran to the store [in the sweats] and got everything I need for spiced cider. So I’ll be throwing that on the stove in a few minutes and enjoying the deliciousness all evening.


Mike has been telling me how great “Chuck” is so I’m downloading a couple of episodes in iTunes and will spend the rest of my night watching them. If I like the show I’ll throw the rest of Season 1 into my netflix queue.

So that about sums up my day. To answer your question: Yes, I did put the beloved blue sweatpants back on after my shower. I’ll wear them as many hours of as many days as possible between now and April.


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  1. I think you’re good for the sticker. 🙂

  2. I agree. I’m not budging from the couch the rest of the night. The battle has been won 🙂

  3. glad to hear you liked Chuck. Enjoy catching up on the first season. And congrats on taking a 2nd day off in 2 weeks

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