Favorite exchange

Favorite conversation from Rec tonight actually happened outside about a half hour before we started – while I was unloading all the equipment from my car. A bunch of the guys were riding their bikes in the parking lot waiting for us to open the doors.  There was one student there I didn’t recognize.

Me: Have we met?
Student: Nope.
Me: Nice to meet you. I’m Sara.
Student: I’m Lionel
Me: Are you sticking around for Rec Night?
Lionel: Yup!
Me: Awesome!!
Lionel: Hey, I hear you do devotions.
Me: It’s true.
Lionel: Good because I go to church.

And then he rode away. But he did come back at 7:00 when we opened the doors and later in the evening we realized we actually HAD met before at a county-wide outreach event.  We’re buds now.

It’s always so amazing to see God smiling at me through the kids he sends my way.  There is no cooler job [at least for me] than mine.

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  1. teenagers are so cool. i’m a children’s pastor now, but i volunteer as a small group leader. so i can still hang out with them.

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