The new year of “REC” started last night. Rec is an outreach program in the school gym on Tuesday nights. Usually on the first night we go over rules and then during “halftime” (which is when we do the devotion each week) we share with the students why we’re there. What brings us back for another year as leaders.

I turned the tables on them last night. There were a few new students but most of the group that was there last night knows the program well. Some have been coming for several years. So I asked them to tell us why the leaders are there. Here are some of the answers I got.

To keep us off the street
To keep us out of trouble
To teach us wrong from right

and here’s my favorite:

So we can feel like we’re a part of something and to give us a place to belong.

As leaders we added to the list “because we love you”

I closed by sharing the parable(s) of the lost sheep and the lost coin. I reminded them that if every single person in the world except for one of them had turned their heart to Jesus, it wouldn’t be enough for God.  He would still be looking for them.

43 students attended. That’s crazy high attendance for our very first night. I know that God is going to blow our expectations out of the water (again) this year.

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