Uncle Ben

This story may ramble [because my week off started a few hours ago and my brain has already switched into ‘power save’ mode]

There’s this older gentleman in our church, Ben. He’s just a joy to be around. I bake for him and his wife occasionally and they thank me with BEAUTIFUL flowers from their garden. They’re just awesome. I call him “Uncle Ben” [at his request]. He runs the media shout for our worship team so I see him at practices, etc.

I’m in a desperate search for Sunday school teachers. I have two classes with no teacher. One is the high school class which can be a tough one to fill. Too many people are afraid of teenagers [it’s called Ephebiphobia … seriously, look it up].

Today, the head of the prayer team came and met with me. We were talking about people who might be able to fill the vacancies in the Sunday School teaching staff. Uncle Ben came to mind. I don’t know why I didn’t think of him months ago. I really don’t have a reason. I guess I’m short sighted [mental note to be praying/working on that]. I emailed him this afternoon and asked him if he’d consider taking on the high school class. I explained that it’s not a huge time commitment. That all he would be responsible for is coming prepared on Sunday morning [Sunday school teachers aren’t expected to be as involved in students’ lives outside of church as the small group youth leaders are – right or wrong, that’s the way it has been].

This was his response…

I would expect any high school teacher to attend as many games as possible (including away games), all events that our kids are involved in, in summary, spend as much time in kid related activities as possible.  I don’t know if I am able to make that kind of commitment now, but certainly, I will PRAY!

Thank you for the consideration
Uncle Ben




Wow. I don’t know what else to say … other than wow. Right on, Uncle Ben. RIGHT ON. I only want him to teach Sunday school if he feels the Lord is calling him to. But seriously… I’m REALLY hoping the Lord is calling him to.


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