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In an attempt to help students hang on to the things they saw and learned at ‘ONE WEEK’ workcamp, I posted a list of reflection questions on the Facebook group. I answered the questions myself [lead by example, right?] and decided to post them here as well.

-What what the most surprising thing that happened during the week?
I was very surprised at how much the Lord spoke to me through the devotions each day. I had read through the material in the journals several times in the months leading up to ONE WEEK but the Lord showed me new things in the scriptures and led me to new discoveries through the questions every day. It was AWESOME.

-What did you learn about yourself?
That I will be a much more effective if I stop second guessing God when He calls me to something. [sound familiar? like Moses in Tuesday’s devotion?]

-Has this experience changed you? Explain.
Absolutely. I don’t think you can spend a week doing nothing but the Lord’s work and not be changed. It’s much easier to hear His voice when all the other “noises” of life are turned off.

-What has the Lord shown you this week?
That He can do things through our lives that will blow our minds if we just give Him our attention.

-Was One Week what you expected? Explain.
Not really. As a leader, I wasn’t expecting to be so spiritually stretched and challenged. The Lord did a lot of work in me during the week. So cool.

-What will you remember most about your experience at One Week?
How good it felt to be the hands and feet of Jesus.

-How will you continue the work the Lord has started in you this week?
I’ll strive every day to be who He wants me to be and do the things He calls me to do… and I’ll trust Him with the rest.

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