Informal Poll

A question for all you youthworkers out there… is your SP understanding about the craziness that comes along with your job?

I had a ministry related situation that had me up at 3:00 this morning. I just got into the office at 8:00am and was informed by the pastor that I will NOT be working a full day today. I will be going home to catch up on my sleep. It was not an offer – it was an instruction. My job today is to take care of myself.

Relatively speaking, how blessed am I? I mean, I count my blessings every day that I have the privilege of working in such a great community for such a great church/pastor.

I guess my question is: Am I in the minority when it comes to being treated this well?


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  1. Sara,

    Sad to say but you are probably in the minority. While I myself have the flexibility to make my schedule – for instance, you wouldn’t catch me in the office at 8am after being up at 3am!
    It is interesting to me that there is an expectation put on Pastors of any genre to have office hours that are constant. I try and keep regular office hours to make myself accessible to people but I also have a cell phone and a Starbucks that offers free wifi so I am accessible where ever people try and get me.
    If we are constantly in the office how can we BE with people? I challenge myself constantly to get out of my office and BE with the students that I serve. By going to their places and hanging on their turf it shows them that I am less concerned with them coming to me and more about spending time with them. It also opens the door for conversations with their friends and parents (at sporting events, school plays, dance recitals, etc.)
    Kudos to your SP for recognizing your need for rest and the fact that our roles are 24/7.

    Enjoy where you serve!

  2. I actually have a blog post coming up about what I appreciate about my sr. pastor.

    (Oh, and I don’t think I’ve ever been in the office as early as 8:00 AM! Wow.)

  3. My new church is amazing. Our senior staff understands life happening. It wasn’t that way in my last stop, though, and usually isn’t in smaller churches. In most smaller church, the youth pastor catches way too much work.

  4. To state it again, you probably are in the minority. I’ve been in a few situations where the elders and SP made descions that were not really looking out for me or my family. Feel blessed and find ways to bless your SP back.

  5. youthpastoradam

    You are blessed to have such a great situation. I have the joy of working for a SP that understands the craziness of youth ministry too. He has told me to catch up on family time after an extended weekend. It is a joy to work in this situation. Especially since the last church that I was at did not honor me in this way. Count your blessings!

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