Dental Work

So, I broke down and went to the dentist today. I’ve been in pain for several months and recently started having other symptoms of infection. No dental coverage so I’ve been putting it off. This past week it finally got to be too much. I finally had to suck it up and go in.

I have two wisdom teeth that absolutely must come out. They are both to blame for the pain and sickness I’ve been experiencing.

So next Tuesday is the big day. My dentist is also my landlord [that’s right. I live above a dentist office] — so he knows exactly how broke I am and he’s giving me a “courtesy discount.” Thank God for that!

In other news, I’m full time at the church now. No more part time nannying job. I miss the little monkeys but it’s very nice to be able to focus all of my energy on my ministry and my students. I’m adjusting very quickly to the lower stress level 🙂

AND I’ll blog more now that I have more time. I promise!!


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