I love…

I love nights like tonight. I love having a full gym. I love seeing all the familiar faces and seeing new students come through the door. I love hearing about their weeks and soaking up their energy.

I had real conversations with students tonight. I heard about real pain and real struggles. I witnessed brokenness. I had the extreme privilege of listening to them and praying with them. Nights like this make up for the ones where I feel like I’m banging my head against the wall.

All that being said, I’m beat. And I need to be in the office at 8:00am so I’m signing off.


Posted on March 12, 2008, in Uncategorized. Bookmark the permalink. 1 Comment.

  1. I love what you say here about getting the chance to listen to them. Thanks for what you do. In my youth ministry class today, we talked about looking to enter the lives of students. Thanks for being willing to doing that.

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